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Friday, December 08, 2006

Another step...

Well with The Hurricane Kids more or less falling apart, Ryan and I plan to create something new and different. But we have to wait for our schedules to come together. It's nice that he and I are on the same page creatively, but now it's down to the things that we can't control.
I'm still working on my werewolf book. Craig is pretty hard on his art, which has made things super slow, but he's such a talented dude, as soon as he can stop kicking his own ass, we can start kicking everyone elses. I know that we've got something magic and our goal is to submit it around in early january.
This guy named Matt and I are working on this crazy little book about a freakshow in depression era America. That's at a very early stage, but it's coming along nicely.
And lastly, we come down to something that may or may not happen and that I can't give details about.
But suffice to say, if it happens, it will be completely awesome, involve money, and also have me being published by a far better and bigger publisher than I could normally work with. It'll be challenging and hard, but totally worth it and it will advance my career a ton.
I guess we'll really see.
This career path is so tricky and so much falls apart before it even gets off the ground.
But I'm holding my ground and doing the absolute best I can.
What else can I do, right?


  • Grant,
    It's always 'funny' to see whom you are actually working with. I typed in my name at google, and actually came across your blog. My anthology work is coming along well, so hopefully we can get on with the freakshow soon.


    By Blogger CosmicPencil, at 2:33 AM  

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