Grant Alter - Struggling Comic Writer

Monday, June 12, 2006


Well it appears that some good things are about to happen in regards to my comic career.
I am excited beyond words.
I'm not sure if I can elaborate, but I can say that The Hurricane Kids has found a publisher.
I can also say that it seems Borrowed Time (which will soon undergo a name change) has finally found an artist. And he's good. His name is Rich Woodall and he's one of the creators of Johnny Raygun. BT is nothing like Raygun, though Raygun is indeed good. But a talented artist can do a variety of things and Rich is definitely that.
I'm excited.
Also, it appears that the anthology is coming together nicely as well.
And, on top of it all, Fractured may soon find a home.
So it is all looking up. And in addition to this, my psychology class is going well and I find myself more and more interested the more I learn. But with all of this stuff going well, I will have to learn how to better juggle my time.
I will be responsible for 4 issues of HK plus an internet story, 4 additional issues of Fractured, and 4 additional issues of Borrowed Time. That, plus a part-time job, plus upcoming classes add up to a busy man. Busy is good. But busy can go bad in the flash of an eye. Proper planning and just keeping at it should save the day. But I've never been the best at time allocation.
I am determined though. I want nothing more in the world than to be a comic book writer and a psychologist. Being both of those things and getting paid to do both is a dream.
I am not as independent as I would like to be and I hope to be able to change that soon.
I am as determined to make this work as anyone you will ever run into. I love comics as a medium and I see it as a club I would like to join.
I promise you one thing. If you pick up any of these books, you will be getting the absolute best I have to offer. I will put every ounce of myself into every one of those books because I care about comics, I care about the characters, and I care about the stories.
I have been told that the only way to go after it is to write the comics that you would want to read and I am doing just that.
Writing comics is the single best thing I have ever done and every issue is a chance to get further along that road.
Most of you reading this blog also make comics and I know that each of you feel the same way. Comics are special and just like any medium, there's great, good, and crap. It runs the entire gamut.
Here's to us making the great comics.