Grant Alter - Struggling Comic Writer

Sunday, December 23, 2007


2007 sucked.
2008 is the year.
Here's what I'm working on.

Project 1 - Secret Superhero Project - with Seth Damoose. I ain't tellin'.
Project 2 - Dinosaur book - with DJ Keawekane. Fun actiony blockbuster.
Project 3 - Hurricane Kids - with Ryan Cody. Back as a reimagined webcomic?
Project 4 - Freaks - with Matt Schuler. This one's a mystery.
Project 5 - Stolen - with Craig Henderson. This one's gonna find its legs in 2008.
Project 6 - Tales From the Front - with Mike Boldt. A webcomic. Look for it bi-weekly starting in April.
Project 7 - Triad - with Zack Finfrock. This is my first attempt at manga.

Also on deck is a short in volume 2 of Villains, drawn by Charles Clark.
And my story, The Wager, should be debuting in volume 2 of Popgun.
So as you can see, I'm quite busy.
And I have a couple more irons I want to put in the fire.
Look out.