Grant Alter - Struggling Comic Writer

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Ok, time for some comic news.

1. Stolen is still on. Craig Henderson is working on our cover and a color page as we speak for some submissions we're working on. So that should be ready soon.

2. I have a new book I'm working on with a local artist named Seth Frail. It's set in a prison. Other than that, I'm keeping this one on the down low. We're gonna be looking for a publisher in Chicago. But we're working on that one as we speak.

3. "Freakus" is a book I'm working on with Matt Schuler. We're sort of in a holding pattern. No news really.

4. The anthology is still moving along. Derek and I spoke earlier in the week and we really want to get that moving. So if we're waiting on a script from you, please try to get it to us as soon as possible.

5. A novel. I am currently reading the novel, Monster Island, which was originally published online sort of like a webcomic, in chapters. Upon completion, it was published in print form. I am inspired by this, so I am going to start working on a book to be published in the same manner. Keep your eyes open here and I will be posting the link at which I will be publishing said book.

6. Chicago - as I said, I will be attending. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. And the big push of the day is to find publishers for my two books.

More news as it breaks.